Phillipi Creek

The creek extends way up into Sarasota and even trickles east of I-75 where I’ve seen folks catch dirty creek snooks. The creek is best in the winter when fish come deeper in shore looking for warmer waters, snook especially. But fish can be found in here all year.


The only truly legal area to park here is at the Phillippi Estate Park. But after dark, there’s some spots I’ll park that I’ve never had any trouble with. One is just on the NW side of the creek here at a self storage facility, the other is the lot across the street by the Oyster Bar, but I stick to the south end of that lot since all the business that side are closed by then. You can also park across the street from the self storage facility at night, again, not sure if its ok but no one is there or seems to care.

Fishing Tamiami Trail

  1. Down behind the storage facility is a sea wall you can stand and fish the back side of the bridge. I’ve caught lady fish and snook back here use paddles tails and top water. Lots of shallow spots with weird structure, not sure if oyster beds or what, but easy to snag so I try to keep my lures high.
  2. Across the street you can walk the sea wall and throw towards the bridge, oyster bar docks or on the east side, towards more open water and some house docks. There are no fishing signs here, but no one has bothered me at night.
  3. Again, technically not supposed to fish from this parking lot, but no one seems to care in the evening. Lots of area to walk around and cast a lure or run a live bait.
  4. Fishing the US41 bridge and west side sea wall just north of it is your best chance at a monster snook here. Enough structure on the ground to cause problems when dragging heavy lures like flare hawks and NLBN, but they are your best best in the winter.
  5. and 6. are very accessible near the public parking for the Phillippi. They are docks with plenty of room to setup and fish up and down the creek. Great place to bring kids and try to catch some jacks and little snook.

Fishing the Tuttle Bridge

Just south of Webber and the traffic circle on Tuttle is a bridge with some interesting water that can hold giant snook and jacks. I’ve also seen the biggest gator I’ve ever seen in person in the water here, so be carful and I recommend not walking down to the sides here, especially at night.

Higher tides are best here, tough to work a lure across some of the shallower spots at lower tides. I like to work the bridge casting parallel to it with a big lure and slowly bouncing it back to me. Always worth some casts straight out from either side too.

Fishing the Webber Bridge

This bridge is a little tougher to access and fish. I usually find some street parking in one of the neighborhoods near by and walk over. You can climb under the NW side of the bridge and cast a couple directions. Not a lot to work here but I have had good luck on it.