Albee Bridge

This is not a complicated spot by any means. There’s only so many spots you can stand and the fish are gonna be on the bridge, either in the lights, or down by the bottom structure. There are only a few real casting lines you can work so just hit them all for a bit, if the bite isn’t happening, move on.


There are lots on the northwest side and the southwest side. Usually plenty of space available.

Fishing The Bridge

  1. From this spot on the NW side of the bridge you can reach the main light where most of the snook activity will be happening on a good tide. You can park in the SW lot and walk under the bridge to get there. This spot is great for throwing lures you can work fast like a rapala, twitch bait or paddle tail.
  2. I like this spot for cast netting bait. The little inlet leading to the small bridge holds big mojarra and pin fish pretty often. You can cast at the bridge from here as well getting another nice angle on the light.
  3. You can cast in a few directions here with a little lure to see if fish are chilling and hitting but my preferred method here is to throw a big heavy lure as far as I can towards the other side and slowly work it back. A 2oz flare hawk or NLBN is a good choice for this method.
  4. This spot is a bit sketchy but you can climb under the bridge here. I wouldn’t try to wrestle a snook on this side solo but dropping a little hook with bits of shrimp can yield some nice sheepshead here.