North Siesta Key Beach (Sandy Hook)


Parking here is tough, the few public spaces are a pretty good walk away but if you are wanting to put in a long session it can definitely be worth it.

Fishing Sandy Hook

The southern lip of Big Pass is known as Sandy Hook and houses a ton of fish movement as it comes in and out of the pass and hangs around the deep jetty rock wall hunting.

During the day this can be an excellent Pompano spot when they are around. You’ll want to load up on Pompano jigs (banana jigs/wacky jigs) and fish during a good moving tide. Throw the jigs out and let them hit bottom then bounce them back to you.

This can be an amazing spot for big snook as well, especially during their spawning months in Summer. Similar to how you work a pompano jig, a flare hawk or buck tail can get smashed by a big mama cruising the beach up here.

Fly Fishing

During the day there are far fewer people on this part of the beach than the rest of SIesta Key simply because its a serous hike for most tourists unless they are renting a place on the north end. Walking the beach with a fly rod in the Summer it’s not hard to spot snook cruising. Take your favorite little minnow fly or a crustacean fly and work them.