Hudson Bayou

This area is a nice blend of oyster beds, mangroves, mangrove islands and intersecting waterways and inlets. The tide flows all funny because of the various paths it can spill in and out of it. Bait gets trapped back here easy with a good tide and wind and you can often catch some feedings where the water is just getting blown up.

  1. You can park on the side of the road here, but not in the dead end. Once parked, walk down to the dead end and its a sea wall you can fish from, or, climb down and wade around a bit. Its pretty shallow right by the wall. This is the perfect spot for artificial, I like 3-4″ paddle tails and gold spoons for this area.
  2. This area is a bit more of a commitment but can really pay off (see the giant snook I caught here in the below video). You have to park downtown, plenty of places at the Bayfront park or other street parking then hike out to this oyster bed. On a low tide its fully exposed but never deeper than a foot or so. See the map below where I’ve outlined the wading path to get to it.
    Once out there, just cast into the deeper water in all directions and work you lure back slowly. The drop off from oyster beds to sandy flats is where the fish will be cruising. One of my favorite spots to throw an NLBN Lil’ Mullet